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“Princess Empress”

Maryam Zirkunskonsky

“Princess-Marquiss Mariam”
Princess Empress of the World

Royal Highness

Who is Mary Zirkunskonsky?

The crown of Durland present her Excellence Royal Highness Princess Empress of the World Maryam Zirkunskonsky knowing her by Princess Mariam”

Maryam Zirkunskonsky is the daughter of Silvia Renate Sommerlath, the Queen of Sweden was an aspiration induced with hopefully evolution into another belly, the belly of Queen Elizabeth, nicknamed “The Queen of the World” offered her belly to science in hopes of giving birth Princess Mariam few months later; the adopted mom of Princess Mariam, spanish humble family from Saudia Arabia Kingdom was pregnant at same time with the science giving a birth the prince of Dubai Hamdan Al-Maktoum adopted by Mama Nora.

Her Royal Highness Princess Mariam, Princess Empress of the World named her Mary Zirkunskonsky by the Royal Crown of Durland Kingdom, was adopted at birth by a spanish humble family from Vigo, Spain; royal family from the kingdom of Saudia Arabia.

Princess Mariam left home with 19 having the curiosity to know the world, its societies and its kingdoms, at the age of 30 years old, Mary officially visited 49 countries, after going around the world four times; two to the right and two to the left, she realized that it is possible to organize a global society that completely changes the economy of the world, based on strategy of the history, helping the evolution of the world turning into the first world lifestyle. The crown of Durland designs a kingdom governed by political emperors that helps the society have a better social distribution. is the founder Durland Kingdom, Rufikan Stocks&Real State, Afrikan Stocks and United African Nations.


International Business Owner

Her Royal Highness Princess -Marquiss Mariam, Princess Empress of the World named her Maryam Zirkunskonsky by the Royal Crown of Durland Kingdom is a world traveler, worry for the societies of the world, feeling impotence observing the difference between first, second and third worlds traveling. Her goal in life is change the economy of the world; she designed Rufikan Real State&Stocks and United African Nations. Her mission is solve the problems of society and build a first world for everyone

United African Nations

Rufikan Stocks & Real State is an organization of products and constructions easily applicable in the third and second world countries of Asia, Oceania and South America, the same constructions with international products can gradually changing for complete the economy of the world

Become a Volunteer

RUFIKAN Stocks & Real State is hiring designers and architects exporting international products and innovate constructions, we help enthusiastic business owners volunteers. Please contact us for more info.

Her ESS. Royal Highness Princess Empress of the World Mary Zirkunskonsky stop the war of Libya saying constructions are very necessary heavy artillerie is made it for kill dangerous wild animals”